Acrobatics makes use of amazing features of the body, such as balance, agility, and motor coordination.

Acro Dance combines dance technique with the accuracy of acrobatic fundamentals.

Acro dance (better known as Acro by dancers and dance professionals) is defined by its athletic character, use of choreography and movement, as well as its use of acrobatics in a dance context.


With Acrobatic Sports, students are given the opportunity to compete Nationally.

There are 5 rounds to the Acro Sport:

  • Club competition - competing against clubs in your region for a spot in the next round
  • North Gauteng - competing against all acrobats from NG for NG colours
  • Inter-district - where the different parts of Gauteng compete against each other to qualify for the next round
  • Inter-Provincial - representing NG and competing for SA colours
  • Nationals - competing against acrobats from all provinces for a spot in the top 6 in SA